Air Quality Inspection

For your good health air quality inspection is extremely important. Inhaling mold, or coming into contact with mold spores or other toxins released by the mold into the air, can cause very negative health effects.

air quality inspction servicesChicago Home Inspection also use the air quality testing samples to test for nonviable (or dead) mold. This is done by microscopic examination of the mold samples to identify mold and non-mold particles that you may be allergenic to.

Air quality inspection is the first step in finding out do you have elevated levels of mold in your home. Most indoor mold is invisible to the naked eye and do not necessarily produce a noticeable odor.  The purpose of the testing is to determine the presence of mold and collecting air samples or swabs that will be analyzed by a laboratory. Our mold inspectors will produce a lab report which will be presented by your inspector. Then we design a program specifically for your home using filtering solutions with advanced furnace air filters from CorrectFilters™.

The system we use provides unsurpassed protection against bacteria, fungi, algae, mold, dust mites, radon, and helps eliminate odors.

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