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Is Rising Damp the First Step to Mold Growth in Your Home?

Our Home Inspection Agent Knows What Rising Damp Is and How It Can Affect Your Home’s Health

Rising damp is a technical term used for the rise in water from the ground up through the wall within a property. Depending on the suction, it can rise up to 2 meters. If you want to know what problems it can cause, read this post prepared by our home inspection agent.

Rising damp:

  • Creates decorative spoiling to interior design within the property.
  • Develops rot in skirting boards.
  • Develops rot in floor boards and floor joints.
  • Develops rot in wall floor plates.

This contamination has hygroscopic nature. A proportion of the salts that are deposited within the plaster and decorative finishes are hygroscopic. Hygroscopic salts absorb water from the air and retain moisture as well as absorb additional moisture at times of high humidity. Even if the rising damp is stopped, some materials used around your home may still remain damp sorely due to the hygroscopic nature of the contamination. Any decorative finish applied to these contaminated substrates will certainly spoil over time.

Rising damp can often be confused by an inexperienced home inspection agent with condensation, bridging, and penetrating damp. It is vital to get the dampness diagnosed by a CSRT Surveyor (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment) to find out the source of the types of damp and moisture in your home. If the diagnosis is wrong, it is likely that the remediation will be ineffective, and the dampness will persist, leading to mold formation. You’d better not waste your time and money on working with a contractor that is not licensed and experienced. Chicago Home Inspection can provide you with the service that you are really looking for.

Our home inspection agent is certified to work with all types of moisture problems and will be happy to consult you at a budget-friendly fee. In order to book a property inspection in Chicago, IL with us, you will have to contact our office first and check our availability.

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